Ozark Share and Care
(870) 741-3130
Harrison, Arkansas




 Our emergency food pantry is open Monday - Thursday, from 1 - 4PM. Our mission is to provide nourishing foods to people in need, and we are happy to be able to provide food for you and your household. PLEASE, though, remember that we cannot take the place of a grocery store! We ask that you only come to our office if you are in need of help with food. PLEASE do not think of our emergency pantry as the place to come for your "free food every month"! By coming only when you have a sincere need for help, you will be assisting us to provide more foods for the households that truly need us. WE WILL NEVER turn anyone away...but we need your help to maintain enough food for all. We are "people helping people".



When we have funds, we do assist with utility shut-offs, rent, prescription medications, gasoline, and other requests. However, because we are feeding so many households now, and the cost of food is HUGE, we are only able to help with a fraction of what we have done in the past. This type of assistance is only given ONE TIME per 12 month period, IF WE HAVE FUNDS. Due to the volume of requests, if you have been helped with this type of assistance more than once or twice, it is unlikely that we can help again.

We also help with clothing, furniture, and household items, as we have them available. Currently, we can allow adults to get clothing TWO TIMES per year. We will always give consideration to providing clothing for children, unless the requests are too frequent. At this time, we are only able to help with furniture & household items, if you have experienced a burn-out or similar emergency.

At Ozark Share & Care, our mission is to provide nourishing foods for people and families who need help to keep food in the house. We change our "menu", as we have the money to purchase more or less food, so hopefully, we will be able to buy more to give out, if everyone only comes when it is absolutely necessary!


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